Services for Individuals

We also provide comprehensive tax compliance and consulting for individuals. Our team of highly experienced accountants implements a hands-on approach to navigate the evolving and complex tax system. We are personally dedicated to helping you take full advantage of all available deductions to maximize savings.

Our individual tax services include:

Estates and Trusts

An estate is all of the property that a person owns at the time of their death. Assets that are held in a living trust usually do not go through the probate process and beneficiaries might gain access to these assets more quickly.

Family Wealth Planning

Discussing philanthropy, legacy planning, or estate planning can be challenging for families. Often issues arise when discussing family wealth planning because family members rarely view wealth the same way.

Federal Individual Income Taxes

When you share your financial picture, we look for tax-reducing opportunities you might be missing. And then we showing you how to make the most of your income, assets, and more.

Investment Planning

You will always want to be ready for what's next, and that takes planning. We can help you create a game plan for the future, craft a financial road map, and build a portfolio that reflects your goals.

Retirement Planning

Whether retirement is decades way, or right around the corner, our retirement planning services can help. At each step leading up to and during retirement, our advisors provide appropriate investment guidance to keep you on track.